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As your subject already hints, I think a key point is to distinguish between naming the software, and naming the projects for things that you are trying to achieve. 

(In particular, of course, the software does not need a new name; it is already known as the Linux kernel.)

The projects for each of your devices, it seems to me, could reasonably be seen‎ to be independent of each other, and so could continue to be named after the relevant devices. For example, 'gta04-kernel' is the project to upstream everything needed for the GTA04 into mainline Linux. Once that is done, there'd be no continuing need for 'gta04-kernel' at all; yet another project such as 'nanonote-kernel' might still exist. 

For me as a GTA04 owner, I'd rather see a 'gta04-kernel' project and Git repository where I could in principle easily see the current best code, and what was remaining to upstream, for GTA04 specifically; and it would be unhelpful for that picture to be complicated by non-upstreamed changes for other devices. 

Just a thought... does it help at all? 


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On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 10:12 PM, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller
<hns at goldelico.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> as you all know we are maintaining a “production” kernel for GTA04 devices and are working to
> get it (again) feature complete (i.e. that it supports all bits and pieces of the GTA04 hardware
> including good power management for daily use).
> We have made progress - but we are still not there. Linux 4.1-rc7 is now available (see our
> Twitter postings) and so will become a long-term kernel in 4.1.x in 1-2 weeks.
> While all this work started as a kernel for the GTA04 device (Letux2804) it has broadened
> its scope over the past years to other ARM based devices. Still mainly OMAP3 but also
> OMAP4 and OMAP5. A list of the currently supported devices is here:
> http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-kernel/page/Platforms/
> We already support these different boards with a single kernel binary and modules - just
> the device tree files differ.
> As a next step, we will work on 4.2.
> It looks as if Linux 4.2 might bring Device Tree to MIPS machines as well, and therefore there
> are chances to finally support even more machines as we already do. Well, not always with the
> same binary kernel (ARM vs. MIPS instruction set). But it suffices to just run it twice with different
> cross-compilers.
> Two of the interesting devices might be well known to this community: Letux 400 MiniBook
> and the Ben Nanonote.
> This shows a big trend of Linux Kernels: they become more universal and the list of boards
> that can be supported is becoming broader.
> Therefore, I think we should recognise that “GTA04-Kernel” (and GTA04-boot, -rootfs etc.) is becoming
> a misleading name (since GTA04 is just a specific piece of OMAP3+GTM601W hardware), as it implies
> a narrow focus that is no longer the case.
> And with the new gta04-makesd script we already give the user the impression that we maintain
> a “Distribution” for different devices.
> So, let me open a discussion and request proposals how we could rename our “Distribution”.
> Some aspects to think about:
> * it is ARM, OMAP but not necessarily (MIPS is on the radar screen)
> * it has its roots in Openmoko, Freerunner, Letux
> * and wants to bring long-term support for these devices (if possible)
> * should be easy to recognise
> * not be used by any similar project to avoid confusion
> * the main idea is to add minimally to Linux kernel what should already be there and work permanently on upstreaming
> * but it is not only kernel. It is boot loader, makesd script, Debian rootfs, Replicant and potentially other user space flavours
> Now, the stage is open for your ideas and comments:
Just my 2 cents:
what about u-kernel (sound similar to u-boot which is acronym for
universal bootloader) like universal-kernel.
ARM and MIPS kernels must be separated because we cannot have one
kernel for both architectures but we can have common base
for sure,
Maybe it's not rirgh name in someone opinion name and I hope it will
start discussion and add better ideas ;).
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> -
> -
> BR and thanks,
> Nikolaus
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