[Community] The future of QtMoko

Josua Mayer josua.mayer97 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 20:33:41 CEST 2014

Hi Nikolaus,

Am 23.09.2014 um 19:19 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:
> Hi,
> since I know that there are many QtMoko lovers out there who wait for
> new versions or new hardware that is supported, I have set up our own
> build system to compile QtMoko v58 and create GTA04-single-partition
> SD card images that might work with the newer DT based kernels we
> are working on.
> The first practical question is how to easily run the compile/test/fix cycle.
> It took several days on my setup (build within qemu-system-arm -M vexpress-a9)
> to build the qtmoko-gta04.deb, but finally it failed.
> Q1: Is there a simple method to get the development cycle down to some minutes
> or even sub-minute?
I think the qtmoko tree is not prepare for building components
individually and independently.
But it may be worth investing the effort to split it into seperate
individual packages which then can be individually recompiled and tested.

What I have in mind is some build system that automatically rebuilds
parts as their sources change and creates packages of it, like e.g. the
OpenBuildService[1](it can build .deb as well as .rpm) does.
> A9: Other thoughs?
since debian integration is probably a huge effort, I would focus on
making qtmoko as independent from it as possible, like using specific
versions of system libraries.
Just an idea for consideration, and certainly not easy.
> BR,
> Nikolaus

best regards
Josua Mayer

[1] http://openbuildservice.org/

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