[Community] Neo900 - Project

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Thu May 15 19:39:35 CEST 2014

Hi all,

I have bad news to announce that Golden Delicius Computers (GDC)
has declared to step down from the Neo900 project team. The reason is
that unsolvable organisational problems have turned out which brake the
project progress in a way that I can't any longer take responsibility for.

Unsolvable because we have finally found some fundamentally different
expectations about roles in the project (for financially relevant decisions).
In other words: we can't find an agreement on who is deciding if we have
different opinions and finding consensus takes to too much time.

Since a project needs one person responsible for everything, I finally
decided to end this dispute by leaving this role completely to Jörg,
because he did initiate the Neo900 project.

Unfortunately this means that GDC can't keep the responsibility for
the funds given by all donators/preorders any more. This means we
have to refund the payments.

As soon as Jörg has set up and announces some new method to
collect (new) funds you are strongly encouraged to spend the refund
again to him so that he can continue.

Directly forwarding the money to Jörg is unfortunately not possible
because of some unclear tax, accounting and liability reasons.

The refund amount will be reduced to compensate for the development
work we have already done and prototypes built&components bought.

Details about this money transfer will follow by personal/individual mails
(please give us some days to sort out and calculate the details).

And I will hand over everything GDC has already developed for the
Ne900 project to Jörg, so that he can seamlessly continue (potentially
with some other partners), but that is completely up to him to organise
and to announce next steps.

So I wish Jörg best luck in continuing the project and will try to positively
influence as good as possible, but with no role and responsibility in the
project any more.

Sorry and Best Regards,

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