[Community] We got a cool community. What do?

Francesco De Vita francesco.devita at mailoo.org
Thu May 1 11:16:23 CEST 2014


> Which of the community goals can be better reached by new
> additional activities? ... Where is the biggest need for additional
> (wo)manpower right now?

We could make it (more) clear on the website, organizing some thoughts
useful for newcomers and contributors, something like:

- a Work-In-Progress summary, what is going on and who is working on
- a To Do list, what and who is needed;
- a Community Wish list, what the community want, what is/isn't
  possible to have and why;

It should be just a precise summary about the status of
the project, to have a clear view about how many people are involved
and what and how many resources are needed.

>> - enhancements to webpage?
> Maybe one could think about sorting and regrouping content and
> another one about a nice and well readable web design.

It is a top priority I think.

I don't remember if it is a topic already discussed but it seems to me
that little is saying about software, in particular about OSes.
I have not expertise to give technical opinion, I just want to share
my considerations as a user.

Right now three OSes run on the GTA04: QtMoko, SHR, Replicant.
What I can say from the experience on the GTA02:

- SHR: never worked, period. Tried it a couple of time on the uSD but
  it was too much unstable, never ready for a daily use. Also, is the
  development of FSO still active? Has it a future?

- QtMoko: the only OS that works on my GTA02. Debian under the hood is
  great, I really like the idea to use (in theory) everything in the
  repos like it is on my desktop. BUT there are not so many mobile
  applications. Also, how many people are working on it? Only Radek?

- Replicant: I never had the chance to use it on other devices, it
  came from Android and it could be a promising mobile OS. How many
  people are working on the porting for the GTA04?

I really like the choiche of OSes, it is the fortune/misfortune of the
FLOSS ecosystem but our community is really small. Is it good this
fragmentation? Should we encourage contributors to work only on a
primary OS? What is a working device good for if there isn't an
optimized and combat-ready OS for it?

I imagine that there are other priorities right now but I think that
this point should be discussed in details, considering also alternatives
coming from other platforms which have an active development and an
active community so to maximize also the help from the outside.

Best regards

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