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wonderphone at posteo.de wonderphone at posteo.de
Tue Mar 25 22:55:38 CET 2014

Sorry for sending early.

The etherpad has served for taking some notes, but can also be used to 
document the progress of the fairness research.

The second one is:

an online spreadsheet: https://ethercalc.org/rygaau6jjc

It already contains the Bill of Materials of the GTA04A4. We thought it 
would make sense to add a column with common-name descriptions. Some 
examples have already been added to that column.

The next important column would be one where the uniqueness of the 
parts is covered, from 0 (completely standard) to 1 (completely unique).

Every time after doing major enhancements to the BOM I suggest you save 
a backup to your local hard disk to be able to recover the work status 
until then.

I believe the web resources used fit well with the project as they do 
not belong to the big data collectors. The main page of the SocialCalc 
spreadsheet ethercalc.org contains Google APIs  but the page with the 
BOM doesn't, afaik.

Please let us know your thoughts and remarks.

Best regards,

Am 25.03.2014 22:14 schrieb wonderphone at posteo.de:
> Hi all,
> Sebastian and I had a little chat about how we can start to document
> the level of fairness already engineered into the OpenPhoenux
> hardware. As tangible results we have identified two tools that will
> make collaboration in this area easier:
> an etherpad: https://fairphoenux.pads.ccc.de/1
>> Well, some resistors come from Panasonic, some from others. Same
>> for capacitors. Generally there are a handful of "standard" suppliers
>> a production company is purchasing from. Which one is used in detail
>> in a specific production week is a little random.
>> Unless it is a very special component (very rare for resistors, 
>> sometimes
>> for capacitors, more often for inductors) the component name is 
>> unique.
>> Let's formulate it differently: there is a gradual scale between 
>> "standard"
>> and "special" components. The more "standard", the more 
>> interchangeable
>> it is and the more randomly the supplier can be chosen. And the more
>> the differences are.

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