[Community] OsmocomBB

Ryan de Laplante (personal) ryan at ryandelaplante.com
Tue Mar 25 16:20:03 CET 2014

On 25/03/14 10:33 AM, Sebastian Krzyszkowiak wrote:
> People should end shouting about open basebands and point out the
> constantly progressing integration of the modem with main RAM on the
> modern smartphones instead. This, combined with closed baseband, is a
> real threat to our freedom, not the closed baseband alone. When it's
> properly separated and monitored, like it will be on Neo900, it
> becomes a non-issue. Which is lucky, cause otherwise we wouldn't be
> able to do anything with it - the development of free, modern baseband
> is far out of our reach.

Thank you Sebastian for the detailed reply.  I'm very new to this
community and just learned about OsmocomBB today.  I agree that
separation of the modem from the main ram and CPU is very important, and
what you say makes sense to me.

When you say it will be monitored on the Neo900, will the monitoring be
done in software? If yes, will the monitoring also be implemented in
ReplicantOS? And how does the monitor work?


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