[Community] Status GTA04A5

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sun Mar 2 11:35:57 CET 2014

well, the situation is not really encouraging, because
we have so far collected 20 units.

This is unfortunately much below what we need.
It makes the price of a production run much higher than
we all want.

And, as time passes, we get more and more problems
with components that go to End of Life.

For example I visited the Embedded World fair and did hear
that it already may become problematic soon to get the
GTM601 modem modules. But without enough orders
nobody is providing investment money to secure them
by buying them in advance.

And since there is no drop-in replacement, we would
have to make a complete redesign. But that is even
impossible since no other UMTS module fits under the
speaker of the GTA02.

So we should hurry up finding more interested people
to replace their GTA02 motherboard with a GTA04A5
or some improvements for the hardware  that have been
proposed will never come.

Some (but not all) of them will come of course in the case
of a Neo900 but the Neo900 is not 100% compatible - it
is partially a different device.

So please let's not die the idea of a device that is maintained
in hard- and software for many years - completely contrary
to the industry standard. Remember, we have been ground
breaking with this modular device upgrade concept (even
if we can replace only the motherboard and must keep the
display. So don't let the fruits go (again) to Google Ara...

Have fun,

PS: if you don't have a GTA02 to upgrade, we still have
some used Neo Freerunner devices that include a voucher
towards a GTA04 upgrade:


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