[Community] Social Media - What's "Stammtisch" in English?

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Sat Jun 21 18:39:37 CEST 2014

Hi all,

Thank you for all your posts giving me piece of mind. I have never used 
Facebook or any other social media service for the reasons laid out by 
you. I feared missing a great thing. But, that doesn't seem to be the 

Fine. Let's keep social media at a low priority and tackle the 
important things first.

Is there any means to internationalize the Munich based Stammtisch? For 
those not familiar with German culture: A Stammtisch is a regular 
informal round-table in a bar where you can meet and greet people, talk 
nonsense and sometimes stumble into serious topics.

Would it make sense to organize a Stammtisch via VoIP,  Mumble, 
palava.tv ? Or have a one hour and a half window of the real Stammtisch 
transmitted live to individuals scattered around the rest of the world 
-- with bidirectional communication, of course?



Am 21.06.2014 06:47 schrieb jakobdee at openmailbox.org:
> Its notable the architecture of Google+ when it came into
> existence,directly resembles the already existing beta of *Diaspora ;)
> I would tend to agree with you,David ... i have an ambiguous attitude
> to social media ... i just feel i dont need it ... however i know
> quite a few people who find it enjoyable,or even essential ... and
> alternatives to the unpleasantness that is Facebook/Google+ would be
> welcome ... i guess the choices are *Diaspora uses Ruby libraries and
> Frendica or http://gnu.io/ tend to be Php ... some others to consider
> are http://www.mediagoblin.org/ or
> http://www.tribler.org/trac/wiki/whatIsTribler ... best of luck :)
> On 2014-06-20 12:53, David Heath wrote:
>> I don't really like the social media model in general. I think
>> communication is simply better when it's more personal and I take
>> particular issue with cheap, trendy services like Facebook. The
>> blogging model is a bit more sensible since it is designed to be
>> informational but I am too lazy to go around reading different blogs.
>> Email, RSS, and real-time communication services like IM and VoIP are
>> ideal for me but simple web forums and mailing lists are also useful
>> for certain communities. In my opinion, Google+ is the best social
>> media site because it is so well designed and compartmentalized; it
>> feels more like a blogging site than conventional, friend-oriented
>> social media. My preference aside, I have worked for marketing firms
>> and social media platforms are a goldmine for advertising. I think a
>> social media presence will be necessary to scale our community but it
>> is best to hold off until we have solidified out infrastructure. It 
>> is
>> likely to delude our community so I would prefer to see a formal
>> business entity with clear leadership established before we play for
>> the mass market. Shipping and upgrading phones should be the current
>> priority.
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