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Andrew Schenck andrew at springahead.com
Fri Jun 20 18:49:27 CEST 2014

On 6/20/2014 1:33 AM, Riccardo Scartozzi wrote:
>>> A question to the people on the list:
>>> Do you use or like Facebook?
>> I used it for 2-3 years, only very intermittently, but decided to delete
>> my account in January 2013.
>> I've always had mixed feelings about it; but the specific trigger for
>> deletion was when some people started assuming that, because I was on
>> Facebook, they didn't need to let me know about certain things in any
>> other way.  Unfortunately, because I only checked Facebook very rarely,
>> that meant I missed things, and I thought it better to delete my
>> account.
> It's around the same for me.
> I started to lose information and being messy because friends expected 
> me to be connect 24/7 on facebook and expect every post as read by me.
> Also I start to have high concerns about privacy and being annoyed by 
> some nested thing (like the ads, the profiling, the impossibility to 
> really delete and control your data, the general tag "friend" for 
> people the I even don't know, the censorship and more [1]). So I 
> quited around 2012.
>> Are your interested in an alternative?
> Could be, it depends also by which purpose. I think that the big issue 
> is that most of the people that would use it are already using 
> facebook or something else, therefore they would not change just 
> because of me.
> I don't know either if I need a social network. For a lot of thing I'm 
> already satisfied by other technology like emails and IRC, XMPP, SIP.
> Maybe I'll have to give it a try, at least once-
>>> Has anybody experience in using Friendica? Or do you think it is not
>>> so important?
>> If one does use Friendica, the question then is whether to connect it to
>> Facebook and/or Google+ etc. - in that case does one have any more
>> control than if one just stayed with Facebook or Google+ in the first
>> place?  I haven't worked that out yet.
> I'd suggest also diaspora [2] which faces the same result of 
> friendica, but I've jet tried none of them. I thing both could be 
> really good also for who need to use multiple social networks at the 
> same time.
> [1] https://stallman.org/facebook.html
> [2] https://diasporafoundation.org/
I second the diaspora suggestion.  I'm on the joindiaspora.org pod and I 
follow #openmoko but it doesn't have very many posts.


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