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David Heath dheath.pr at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 13:53:21 CEST 2014

I don't really like the social media model in general. I think
communication is simply better when it's more personal and I take
particular issue with cheap, trendy services like Facebook. The blogging
model is a bit more sensible since it is designed to be informational but I
am too lazy to go around reading different blogs. Email, RSS, and real-time
communication services like IM and VoIP are ideal for me but simple web
forums and mailing lists are also useful for certain communities. In my
opinion, Google+ is the best social media site because it is so well
designed and compartmentalized; it feels more like a blogging site than
conventional, friend-oriented social media. My preference aside, I have
worked for marketing firms and social media platforms are a goldmine for
advertising. I think a social media presence will be necessary to scale our
community but it is best to hold off until we have solidified out
infrastructure. It is likely to delude our community so I would prefer to
see a formal business entity with clear leadership established before we
play for the mass market. Shipping and upgrading phones should be the
current priority.
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