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Mon Jun 9 18:17:51 CEST 2014


Am 04.06.2014 23:19 schrieb David Heath:
> Your ideas could work but I think you are focused too much on our
> front end. Rather than redesign the website, I believe pushing forward
> with the Neo900 itself, and further iterations, is more important for
> the community. If lack of funding is preventing phone development,
> perhaps advertising or crowd sourcing are necessary but that does not
> seem to be the case. A good product will speak for itself and expand
> our community even if we are not yet prepared to ship it.

To me it looks like this already happening, although quite slowly 

> Many of the
> concepts already on our website would set us apart from all
> competition and naturally draw attention and interest. Progress is the
> single most important factor that will bring us together and generate
> money naturally. When we do start shipping, we will begin spreading
> more quickly from word of mouth and we will be able to field test our
> designs.
> Linking a forum to our mailing list is a very good idea but what
> about a new timeline on our website to show visitors what we are
> working on and when to expect new features?

That would be a useful feature for communicating to the wider 

> What about an interactive
> map to show visitors where they could(not) use the phone globally?
> This is good marketing but I do not believe it is worth distracting
> the phone developers since their job is more important in the long
> term.

This is perfectly right. The hard- and software core developers should 
not be burdened with most of the work on the website because their input 
is more valuable in other corners of the project. That's why we need 
volunteers to start with it.

Anybody who reads this and fancies to enhance the old website or create 
a new one is warmly invited.

> As a side note, Sebastian's website is beautiful and any further
> development should definitely be run through him.

You are definitely right. I believe Sebastian is already a core 
developer of the project so I do not know whether he has enough 
spare-time to help with more than some advice.

Best regards

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