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Tue Jun 3 20:56:51 CEST 2014


>>>>> I think a big factor to increase the community size and 
>>>>> participation
>>>>> is an official, easy and modern way to communicate (like a
>>>>> Forum/social Network). IMO many people (especially the younger and
>>>>> less technical ones) never used a Mailinglist and somehow have
>>>>> reservations agains posting/registering to such a list, whereas 
>>>>> they
>>>>> feel perfectly confortable in a forum and don't hesitate to create 
>>>>> and
>>>>> participate in discussions there (see Maemo/N900, OpenPandora,
>>>>> xda-developers, android-developers, ubuntuusers, ...). I hope this
>>>>> situation will improve, once HyperKitty/Mailman 3 is stable and 
>>>>> can be
>>>>> installed on the OpenPhoenux servers. It isn't quite a forum, but 
>>>>> at
>>>>> least it has a modern web interface with forum like semantic. 
>>>>> Still,
>>>>> editing and deleting posts, which they are not confortable with
>>>>> anymore, is not possible. But maybe this is a minor drawback, if 
>>>>> we
>>>>> can provide a nice and funky HyperKitty theme, which presents the
>>>>> OpenPhoenux Logo, etc..
>>>> You are probably right. Look here for example:
>>>> http://boards.openpandora.org/topic/16340-current-development-team/
>>>> This shows how big a team is waiting for programming and updating 
>>>> the Pyra website...
>>>> The question is sort of hen&egg. We need a big team to create new 
>>>> web sites
>>>> that can attract more people. And new people make a web site (and 
>>>> forum)
>>>> attractive.
>>>> BTW: we have a German language forum we could still use (but it 
>>>> isn't):
>>>> http://freeyourphone.de/portal_v1/viewforum.php?f=75
>>>> Or should we set up a forum.openphoenux.org ?
>>>> Would take less than an hour or so...
>>>> But there are some questions:
>>>> * which BB system?
>>>> * who is moderating it?
>>>> * who is banning spam robots?
>>>> * how do we get critical mass of participation?
>>>> Or should we finalise the friendica.openphoenux.org installation 
>>>> first?
>>> The point I was trying to make with "*official* way to communicate" 
>>> is
>>> that this channel of communication should be the main/primary 
>>> channel
>>> for all questions (which is this mailinglist right now). In my
>>> definition this means, that all discussion takes place there (be it
>>> technical or non-techincal) and all people (especially the 
>>> developers
>>> and core members of the community) participate in that single place.
>>> Therefore, I think it's not a good idea to have an _additional_ 
>>> forum
>>> (be it freeyourphone.de or a self hosted "OpenPhoenux forum"), 
>>> unless we
>>> would close this mailinglist and move all discussion there... 
>>> Closing
>>> the mailinglist probably isn't a good idea, though, as it contains a 
>>> lot
>>> of knowledge already and the existing community members are used to 
>>> it.
>>> => HyperKitty/Mailman3 is a good compromise IMO, we just have to 
>>> wait
>>> until it is ready/stable.
>> Does anyone know if it is possible to just install the beta of the 
>> new
>> Forum interface in addition to mailman2? Or if it needs a complete
>> upgrade to mailman3?
> Apparently Fedora has a "dual-stack" configuration, but I don't know 
> how
> it is implemented...
>   https://lists.stg.fedoraproject.org/archives/
>   https://lists.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo
>> What we should not try is to switch to some beta too early. The risk 
>> is
>> too high that we loose members because it does not work or we need
>> to invest too much time to get it running. Instead of doing real 
>> benefit
>> to our community.
> Definitely.
>>> An additional friendica instance might be an option, as it is
>>> easier/more convenient to share pictures/videos/media there, 
>>> compared to
>>> a mailinglist. But we have to take care not to split the (already 
>>> small)
>>> community into friendica users and mailinglist/hyperkitty users and 
>>> have
>>> the discussions spread in different places.
>> Yes, that is important to consider.

What you write makes all perfect sense.

Let's take our time and implement mailman3 when it is sufficiently 

I find Friendica more useful as an offer and an ecosystem for the users 
of the devices rather than a platform where the community can organize 
itself. Instead of make huge efforts to implement it ourselves we can 
try to liaise with existing Friendica groups that adhere to the 
OpenPhoenux spirit and would be happy to get more users on their server.

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