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Sun Jun 1 20:03:01 CEST 2014


Am 29.05.2014 19:05 schrieb David Heath:
> I am not in a position to help financially

That is not a problem. In order to keep the community in control we 
should try to finance our common plans in the already employed 
grassroots way.

> and I don't live near Germany

Germany was only a first guess. Maybe another legislation is much more 

> but I do think reorganizing would help keep the project on
> track. I am very interested in speeding up development, shipping
> phones, and building out our niche worldwide.

@ Nikolaus, dos, jOERG: How do you see the relationship of Goldelico 
and Neo900 UG within the OpenPhoenux community? Is there already 
anything scheduled that you want to do yourselves and do not want other 
guys from the community to mix with? Of course, the community has other 
things to do before, but what would you think if the community opened a 
shop that sells GTA04 devices? What would you think if the community 
managed to agree on a priority list of operating systems and used its 
funds to support programmers to go in that direction? What if the 
community becomes demanding about the design of the devices, e. g. if 
people wanted /this/ module-something instead of another one?

> Momentum is important in
> these matters. I am happy to advise on business or marketing
> strategies if the project is headed in that direction. What is the
> development timeline? What still needs to be done technically?

To keep track of these questions easily and continuously an enhanced 
website would be helpful.

Best regards,


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