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David Heath dheath.pr at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 21:34:28 CEST 2014

I feel sort of stupid posting my totally opinionated complaints to a
community list but I have already written them and hopefully someone will
find them interesting so I am going to send this anyway. To summarize my
next two paragraphs, I like the Neo900 project and I want to buy one, I
don't like Indie Phone, and I like Fairphone as a company but I don't like
their product so I won't buy it.

I'm glad to see Open Pheonix and Goldelico getting some media coverage but
I can't get excited about a phone with no projected specs or design on
their website (Indie Phone). At least put projected specs or some rough
mock-up on your website. Even if they aren't a part of the current Neo900
design, projected features like TRS input and dual hot-swap batteries are
real selling points for me-- I would buy a phone without these features
just because the company plans to add them on to later models. Hardware
security and FLOSS support are also important aspects of course but they
shouldn't stop us from dreaming up awesome general concepts. From a mass
marketing standpoint in particular, those basic, tangible features are
probably more marketable. In short, Indie Phone is not exciting to me
because I don't know a thing about it and they clearly aren't interested in
selling me a better phone than I already have.

I seriously considered buying a Fairphone when they were first being sold
but I decided not to because the design was simply unattractive to me. I
really do like the idea of emphasizing responsible business practices and
transparency but that alone won't convince me to buy an Iphone. Why not be
responsible AND innovative? To be clear, I'm not talking about phone
specifications, I'm talking about the physical design itself. Why does
every modern smartphone have its TRRS jack on the top of the phone rather
than the bottom? My carrier offers literally no phones with alternative
configurations. Phone hardware and software are developing at an amazing
rate but the designs are largely identical. A modular design would be
technically ideal of course but even without considering such a risky
marketing proposition, putting the TRRS jack on top is too specific and
unintuitive to be standardized across all phones by all manufacturers. It
may seem like I'm getting off topic but my point is that people have
personal preferences so companies cannot expect to sell one modal as well
as they could sell two variations. The cost is certainly cheaper to produce
just one but unless your company is huge and publicly traded, those extra
sales are well worth a slightly lower efficiency. Consider making variant
models to order at no additional cost, this would introduce a lead time for
shipping but would guarantee no losses due to overstock. This particular
design aspect, the placement of the TRRS jack, annoys me to no end and it
is one of the main reasons I did not buy a Fairphone. I hope some phone
designers are subscribed to this mailing list because it really doesn't
make any sense to me. A couple more examples: the Japanese phone market has
its own problems of course but they have water-proof flip phones running
android! I have never seen any android phone with either of those features
sold for use outside of Asia.


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> Hi all,
> While we did not have the opportunity to go to the Indiephone summit,
> somebody from the Replicant community was there. Please read his
> findings here
> http://redmine.replicant.us/boards/33/topics/5475
> I also hope that those impression that appear more negative will turn
> out to be misunderstandings. Please read till the end because there is
> some praise for OpenPhoenux. (!)
> Cheers
> Oliver
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