[Community] Wifi, Modem and GPS

wonderphone at posteo.de wonderphone at posteo.de
Wed Jul 16 19:43:39 CEST 2014

> Try to manipulate the firmware of you specific modem, while
> the triangulation data is already available?
Okay, when assuming that the whole world is against the phone user 
there is no difference between triangulation and a rogue modem firmware. 
But with data coming from the firmware send directly over the modem to a 
remote server via udp (if the modem is able to mimick the protocol) 
tracking would be much cheaper than by triangulation. Triangulation is 
costly for the network operators and in Germany for instance you need a 
warrant from a judge (ok, at least in principle).

I hope my assumptions on technology are wrong otherwise the GTA04A5 
design would really have an edge over the GTA04B7.

Are we already sure about the Bluetooth module? Will it allow for 
Secure Single Pairing? Then one could use an external GPS mouse for GPS 
without modem if needed.

Thanks for your ideas.


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