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Tue Jul 1 21:53:28 CEST 2014

Hi all,

It looks like an interesting initiative. Do we have somebody in the 
Brighton area who could go there and say "Hello"?

Am 28.06.2014 11:45 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:
> Am 28.06.2014 um 11:17 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:
>> Hi,
>> there appears to be a new initiative which is taking all our values 
>> (openness, freedom, community development, ) and casting it into a new 
>> name:
>> 	http://indiephone.eu/faq/
>> "The most common answer to that is that no other product is currently 
>> attempting to solve the problem as Indie Phone. That problem is how to 
>> empower mere mortals to own their own data. This is why we are 
>> crafting a beautiful experience that seamlessly combines hardware, 
>> software, and services, to create a consumer smartphone to compete 
>> with the likes of iPhone and Nexus."
>> e.g. compare to:
>> 	http://www.openphoenux.org
>> "You are the owner:
>> 	• Be independent from big players.
>> 	• Make the system transparent, not the user.
>> 	• Keep control over your data."
>> Their claim that "there is no other product" appears to be completely 
>> ignoring all our efforts of the past years. And I am not aware of any 
>> relation with us.
>> They even copied to use the word "indie/independent".
>> Does anyone know more about that?
> I had in parallel contacted the indiephone.eu people and got an
> immediate answer that I think I should share, before the discussion is
> going wrong:
> "Is there any chance you can make it to the summit? (Where are you 
> based?)
> Would love to be involved and I’m sure there is a lot we can learn
> from you and perhaps we can bring some of you in to help us out with
> the hardware side of things. Our approach is very different in that we
> are focussed entirely on building independent consumer products that
> are design-led from the business model down (holistic design). That
> said, I believe we share the same goals independence and giving the
> user control/owndership. Our user happens to be consumers whereas the
> user for OpenPhoenux, as far as I can tell, is enthusiasts with
> technical knowledge.
> We should definitely be talking and helping each other out.
> If you can make it to Brighton next week — please try and come on the
> 3rd for our private social meet-up prior to the event as I’d love the
> opportunity to chat one-on-one :)
> (And, although the schedule is tight, I believe we can squeeze in
> just one demo during the eat, drink, and watch session at lunch if you
> want 3 minutes to show off what you guys are working on.)"
> The summit mentioned appears to be this:
> 	https://indietech.org/summit/
> If anyone wants to and can go to Brighton next week, please let me
> know to arrange the 3 minutes with the summit organisers.
> BR,
> Nikolaus
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