[Community] Kickstarter letux 7004 tablet and gta04

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sun Jan 12 09:57:03 CET 2014

Am 11.01.2014 um 22:37 schrieb Parchet Michaël:

> Hello,
> Google nexus 7 but google don't respect the private life. And I would like to chose my operation system Linux, tizen, Firefox os android etc...

I think on a Nexus 7 you can choose:


* Ubuntu
* Chromium OS
* Tizen
* openWebOS
* Plasma Active
* alternative Android ROMs (Replicant not available?)

Basically there are two fundamentally different approaches how a team of nerds can try to reach our common goal of respecting private life:

a) port free and open OS to cheap, commercial hardware and throw out the closed OS installed by the manufacturer
b) develop our own hardware and install free and open OS right from the beginning

Some evaluation:

a) gives cheap (and already wide spread) devices, but they may change while some project team is working to port the f&o OS so usually it will not reach 100% functionality and when they are finished, the hardware is no longer in the shops.
b) has a much higher price for the hardware, but it allows for long-term support by the community. Since hardware development is much more expensive than software it has a fundamental financing problem.

Here in this community we follow the approach b)

So your proposal for a Kickstart L7004 is interesting.

What do others think about it?
How much are you interested in a  "GTA04-tablet"?
How many readers of this community do support the Letux 7004 concept (a final device could improve on some of the specs)?
How can we convince people outside the community?

> Could you answer me please ?
> Best regards and happy new year.
> mparchet
>> Le 6 janv. 2014 à 17:38, Parchet Michaël <mparchet at sunrise.ch> a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> I'm interested for a letux 7004 tablet.
>> What's news about it ?
>> Why not finance it like the neo900 ?
>> What's the letux 7004 finance statue
>> What's this tablet is yet a prototype ?
>> The gta04 is unavailable ? If no why not make a LTE variant ?
>> Why not make i go RAM variant ?
>> Why not make a website for this tablet like neo900.org (for example letux7004.org ?
>> If I would like to buy it what's the price and condition ? Is it 5000 euro
>> Could you answer me please ?
>> Best regards
>> Happy new year..
>> mparchet
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