[Community] New Slogan

Sven openmoko at maricon.de
Sat Jan 11 14:38:47 CET 2014

 > Ah, do I get it right that there is a subtle levels of "ownership"?
 > "own" in the sense of "having in my hand" and
 > "own" in the sense of "having control over it"
 > Then it may be difficult to get the point for non-native speakers.

The problem doesn't have anything to do with native or non-native 
speakers. As I already mentioned, it's a problem of knowledge and thus 
of consciousness.

Most people think, if they buy something that they can held in their 
hands, the vendor let them own it. Like a music record or music CD for 
example. What they don't want to see is, that on this hardware the 
vendor printed a big phrase on it: "All rights reserved". They ignore 
this phrase as long until the police comes...

The fact that within the firmware of a baseband procesor the vendor 
coded "You'll only do what I will" is nothing other than just the same 
thing. Only difference is, that most people even don't know that their 
mobile contains more than only the application processor.

And here again we're at the point of trust. I want to underline again 
that there still seems to be a big misunderstanding within this 
discussion regarding trust. Member's of this community have a GTA04 
because they do *NOT* trust their phone. No, they only trust in 
themselves and in their KNOWLEDGE. That's the real reason why they 
demand openess: They do NOT trust their phone UNTIL THEY CHECKED BY 
THEMSELVES the integrity of its hard- and software.

What presumes that once before they developed the will to do so.

That's the big difference to all other people. They DO trust their 
phones. In the end they do this, because they don't have any other 
chance. The vendor forces them to do so because the devices are closed. 
They MUST trust these malware phones, otherwise they never would or 
could buy them.


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