[Community] New Slogan

Sven openmoko at maricon.de
Fri Jan 10 18:47:07 CET 2014


I also think that all previous suggestions don't hit the point. I say, 
that the GTA04 is the phone

<<< For Those who know the Value of Electronic Devices Integrity! >>>


a) in order to prefer the GTA04 to all other phones, you need to KNOW 
something more than all others and

b) from the view of ordinary people, freedom is NO argument for the 
GTA04, but against it. They simply refer to thousands of apps the GTA04 
doesn't have and call this their "freedom".

c) You even can't argue with "Trust your phone", because all these 
people DO trust their $phones. Reason is, that they just neglect any 
worries as long as they don't realize any harmful disadvantages for them.

So we should self-confidently express that this community provides 
exclusively a QUALITY of something that most others aren't even able to 
value or at least to mention.

Last but not least: Happy new year!

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