[Community] New Slogan

Kero openphoenux at chmeee.dyndns.org
Fri Jan 10 11:25:04 CET 2014

> If it isn't already used by someone, how about "speak freely"? It 
> doesn't cover everything the project is about, but it's a slogan; it 
> doesn't really need to.

I knew of a speech synthesis project, but that has apparently been shut down in 2004.

duckduckgo gives me that, and the following:

A (failed) crowdfunding related to the Serval project

A phone-based business (status unclear, pages rather low on info):

And in totally different business areas:
http://speakfreelyslp.com/ (speech therapy)
http://speakfreelypublications.com/products/ (speech skills for kids that stutter)

Of course, a slogan is not the same as the name of a project/product.


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