[Community] dual-sim modems?

mx4812 at arcor.de mx4812 at arcor.de
Wed Feb 26 11:32:02 CET 2014


I have searched if there was some discussion about the idea of having
a dual-sim modem in the upcoming gta04 or neo900 devices, but have
not found anything.

I think the possiblilty to have two sims registered to the network, and 
for example to use them incoming/outgoing calls, can provide
a great value to the users, and would make quite strong selling point.

If this feature is possible somehow and could be squeezed in (even if only the
modem may support dual reqistration, or even just outgoing call routing, and 
a sim adapter would be required to fit two chips from cut sim cards into 
the phone), it would be great and really usefull.

Is dual sim functionality on anybodies interest radar?


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