[Community] Good bye Fairphone? Apple appears to have again absorbed an innovation / differentiator.

Boudewijn wankelwankel at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 14 11:48:29 CET 2014

On Friday 14 February 2014 09:47:13 Sebastian Beschke wrote:
> > (Pity for Fairphone they have not patented "using fair ingredients in the 
> > construction of a mobile communications device", I mean, it is not as if 
> > ideals should be any less patentable than software...)
> Well, this could only hurt their cause, so it’s good they didn’t and
> couldn’t.

Hehe, you're right of course, and my implicit /sarcasm's didn't come through 
in email ;-) 

/off topic
That makes me think though... Imagine it were possible to define an algorithm 
for de-optimalisation of labour conditions while improving "share holder 
revenue", and one is unlucky enough to live in a world where algorithms may be 
patented and do so, could you _then_ (with any rate of success) sue all those 
companies involved for patent infringement? 


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