[Community] [Limesco-leden] OpenPhoenux at FOSDEM2014

Gerdriaan Mulder mrngm at limesco.nl
Thu Feb 6 00:31:28 CET 2014

Hi all,

On 05/02/14 23:11, Boudewijn wrote:
> Later on the day I got my new SIM for the Limesco network. Limesco is a MVNO 
> in the Netherlands, run by hackers and activists for the same. In case you're 
> in the Netherlands, give them a look (Disclosure: I'm involved in Limesco, so 
> I'm a bit biased ;-) ) 

Please note that we're in fact a reseller, not an MVNO. We have been contacted before
about this issue, from higher up the chain. Some entities in this chain are very strict
when it comes to this kind of terminology.

Best regards,
Gerdriaan Mulder


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