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Hi all,

I think fair trade is really important. It is not for fighting bad 
conscience or just an argument to sell more phones. I simply do not want 
to buy a phone that is built by exploiting the environment and the hard 
living conditions of the production and mining workers.

While fair trade projects do not reach out to OpenPhoenux would it be 
possible to build up fair trade knowhow on our own? I am sure I can also 
find people who would can add expertise to the project. Would the 
manufacturer of the GTA04 want to disclose his suppliers? Or do we know 
all the suppliers of all the parts already? The complicated supply chain 
in the electronics business makes it a real challenge.

We have the opportunity to achieve double fairness: Make sure our 
privacy is treated fairly and make sure everybody involved in the 
production is treated fairly. I believe the hardware is already quite 
fair and it would make sense to document it further.

Best regards,

Am 13.01.2014 um 09:30 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller :

> Am 13.01.2014 um 00:51 schrieb Alexander Varnin:
>> Hello.
>> I wanted to ask, what does OpenPhoenux community thinks about 
>> Fairphone
>> project? (http://www.fairphone.com)
>> This project aimed to make "fair" phone, that means things like
>> recycling, fair and open materials supply, workers conditions are put 
>> in
>> value.
>> As I understand, they have already sold 25000 phones. It is so much,
>> comparing to GTA04 aims of production. Why they have such 
>> comparatively
>> big success?
> One factor may be that they help to salve one's conscience, which is
> different from
> what we are doing.
> Another factor might be that they got support from network operators 
> who
> did put the fairphone into their catalogs (probably to protect 
> themselves from
> being accused to not care about fair trade).
>> They respect open source software and trying to make phone software 
>> as
>> free as possible.
>> But they still use quite close platform. As Replicant project writes, 
>> it
>> is not very safe.
>> Is it possible for OpenPhoenux community to cooperate with them, to 
>> make
>> really free and fair, open hard&soft phone?
> If they want to - we are open. But as far as I see, they are not
> seeking our cooperation.
> Like numerous other projects - which is an indication that we don#t 
> have a good
> enough value proposition and visibility.
> BR,
> Nikolaus
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