[Community] Request for contact info

Boudewijn wankelwankel at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 10 22:55:24 CET 2014

On Wednesday 10 December 2014 22:36:08 Khandker M Nur-a-alam wrote:
> I am looking for the development of a new hardware for GSM mobile
> network access (voice, text and data) ...
That sounds like a mobile phone, 
> ... and other concerning components.
and some more.

> Please guide me to the right person in your company with whom I may
> discuss the design concepts, development of prototype and financial
> terms.
You are at the right place. Openphoenux is open source hard- and software 
development of mobile communication devices. 
We discuss desigin concepts and development via this very email address.

I'd be interested to read more about the background of your project!

Best regards,


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