[Community] A Secure Phone(?)

Neal H. Walfield neal at walfield.org
Fri Oct 11 16:10:55 CEST 2013

One area that no big company is targetting is a phone that acts in the
interest of its users.  From Snowden's leaks, we know this is not
going to happen in the near future: big companies---even non-American
companies, such as the Deutsche T-Kom---are in bed with the NSA.
Moreover, from the Lavabit affair, we know that it has to be a
community effort and it needs to be based on decentralized

A good start would be to route all traffic via Tor and develop
technologies to allow the exchange of messages that minimize reliance
on third parties.  But, it is not only about the software: we need to
be sure that the modem is really off when it is turned off, and that
the modem can't modify the operating system.  This is something that
we can do with the GTA04.

I think this is excellent goal: it is a goal that many FLOSS people
are already interested in and it is an area in which big companies
won't compete.  Moreover, it's not about building a cool toy, but
about effecting positive social change.


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