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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Fri Oct 11 12:12:41 CEST 2013


Am 11.10.2013 um 11:27 schrieb Christoph Pulster:

> Hi,
> your clarifications are welcome Nikolaus.
> But this topic is a typical demonstration of the status Open Hardware is  
> in: instead pushing new projects for the enjoyment of eveybody, the  
> remaining community members insult each other and insist on their point  
> of view.
> It remembers to many new, creative movements like Christianity,  
> PirateParty or ElectroMusic.  Now we have institutional churches,  
> administrative vote-beggars and mainstream bum-bum.
> Despite the economical mislead, former Openmoko CEO Sean was able to  
> create a magic new product category and a community spirit around it.

Well, it started at 2006 where smartphones were only niche developments
and before Apple even did announce the iPhone 1 or Google announce
Android 1.0.

So that was a great time to invent a new product category by "doing the unthinkable":
* make a smartphone for the community
* running Linux
* being open

And because we all love to see the unthinkable, we all followed Openmoko.

Nowadays the situation is reversed. Companies like Apple and Samsung
dominate the technology development and are the first to offer new technologies,
like bent display glass these days. I.e. they know about companies developing
these technologies before we even start to think about it.

I.e. they have learned how to be the first to define new product categories.
Part of their mechanism is to be and stay closed. It has become a competitive
advantage to be partially open only.

And we, the open community, are degraded to be visitors of such developments.

This makes it difficult to keep and build spirit around a magic new product

Unless we find a new one.

One that none of the currently big companies has thought of.



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