[Community] New about openphonux production

Parchet Michaël mparchet at sunrise.ch
Mon Nov 18 22:42:35 CET 2013


Why the openphonux is unavailable ?
I have a dream about this phone run the same program that my Ubuntu computer using the deb package.
Choice my os.
At this moment I work on dolibarr so I need MySQL Apache pho or FileZilla for a eventual server and ownclowd or dropbox for a file cloud storage.
Why not spirit on openphonux ?

I think openphonux can run all this programs. If it's true i.'m very interested for but an openphonux 

What's news about openphonux production ?

When i Will can I by an openphonux ?

For the openphonux finances why not a system similar to neo900 website ?

Thanks for your answer

Best regards


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