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Michael Parchet mparchet at sunrise.ch
Fri Nov 8 23:08:56 CET 2013


Sorry I found only GTA04A4  but not GTA04A5 with LTE for pre order and


Thanks for your answer

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Le mardi 22 janvier 2013, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller a écrit :

> Hi all,
> finally, the GTA04A5 batch is ready for production and we are open for
> pre-orders through
>         <http://www.handheld-linux.com/wiki.php?page=GTA04>
> What will be different to GTA04A4?
> * the GPS receiver can provide a 1 second impulse interrupt to the CPU
> * the infrared receiver can be independently powered off (it was
> alternatively powered with RS232 before)
> * some sensors have been upgraded to non-obsolete versions (e.g. BMA180 is
> out of production)
> * WLAN/BT power controlled through a GPIO (so that VAUX4 is now free for
> other use)
> * 6-pin ZIF connector for external keyboard or other I2C devices
> * it is possible to use a new earpiece (from Knowles) so that we finally
> can offer a complete case kit
> * the GPS antenna switch has been redesigned
> * improved headset detection hardware
> * CPU will be always 1 GHz and Memory 512MB RAM / 1GB NAND
> * UMTS module may have newer firmware inside (tbc.)
> * there is a plan for a 3D printed case (approx. 50 EUR) with integrated
> touch pen
> * there will be 3D data (STEP) of the PCB and components so that you can
> design your own case that fits with a micrometer precision :)
> Preliminary (there may still come minor changes coming from PCB
> Layout tuning and from first production feedback) schematics can be found
> here:
>         <http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-main/downloads/48/>
> -- hns
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