[Community] LinuxTag 2013 – Impressions

Lukas Märdian luk at slyon.de
Mon May 27 19:24:32 CEST 2013

Hi Community!

I just wanted to share some brief impressions I got during our stay at
the LinuxTag in Berlin.

The LinuxTag is a nice and well organized FOSS exhibition in Germany,
attracting more than 10.000 visitors during 4 days.

Christoph and me gave a talk about the OpenPhoenux project at the 2nd
evening and had about 60 listeners. Some of them got very interested and
followed us to the booth afterwards. For everyone who couldn't
participate, the slides are available online [0].

After mentioning our project in the discussion of the FSFE's "Free Your
Android!" [1] talk, some people got interested as well and went to the
OpenPhoenux booth.

We shared a booth with some other "Linux & Embedded" projects, namely:
OpenEmbedded, Ethernut, Nut/OS, Oswald/Metawatch. Our Booth was
professionally looking (pictures are available in the G+ community [2])
and I think we got quite some people interested in the project.
Basically we had a constant flow of people at the booth during our 3
days stay and the overall feedback was rather positive!

All in all it was a very nice stay in Berlin. I especially enjoyed
meeting and chatting with guys who already owned a GTA04. It looks like
the community is growing again!


[1] http://fsfe.org/campaigns/android/android.en.html
[2] https://plus.google.com/communities/111739819921691335869

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