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Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Mon Mar 18 16:53:10 CET 2013

Hello Nikolaus,

> I do not get what the allusion to the iPhone helps,

I just wanted to remind the fact that the iPhone collects GPS data. Nobody 
knows why and after discovery Apple claimed it to be a bug. But we all 
know how greedy big companies are.

> What are the requirements that it works?
> technically:
> * there must be an antenna connected to the GPS receiver (it isn't).
> * ...

IIRC it was planned for further versions of the GTA04 to use the modem's 
GPS in order to save the extra chip.

> * the UMTS transmitter must start transmitting without user interaction 
and this can be detected easily.

Really? How will you distinct between good and bad data within 
transmissions? Mobiles constantly give some ACKs to the base station in 
order to tell them that tey're still active. Will you really be able to 
detect some extra bytes or even data records without huge effort?

> * OPTION must have taken over a very high risk to implement such a 
feature and to try to hide it from the public

Not higher than Apple did.

> (what do you think would happen to their reputation if such a feature 
would exist and become public?)

Nothing. Apple claimed it to be a bug and millions of users didn't cry 
very much. How many users does OPTION has?

> So I don't believe that it is a relevant scenario to think about, 
because locating someone by IMEI is much easier and better to hide.

That's right. But it was only the one scenario that I choosed because 
thanks to Apple it has already been proved to be realistic. I don't want 
to stress this list with other scenarios that easily could be called to be 
paranoid. But be sure I could imagine some.

Best regards
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