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On Sat, 16 Mar 2013 19:31:39 +0100
Kero <openphoenux at chmeee.dyndns.org> wrote:

> > Rather we will start to dream a common dream...
> > 
> > Dream about where the Phoenux is flying to, after it finally did take off. Let's think about
> > where it could be in 5 years or in 10 years.
> > 
> > If you have any dreams where our open source hardware should go to, please share.
> In Jan+Feb I was on vacation to New Zealand. I brought:
>  - an Asus Eee PC (largish screen, keyboard)
>    (running linux, but video driver is a mess)
>  - an e-reader (the only device with decent battery lifetime, i.e. needed no charging during vacation)
>    (running linux, but no root or easy upgrade; SDK readily available)
>  - a GPS (waterproof, which is necessary when you do serious hiking)
>    (with Open Street Map on it, since the map-format on the GPS has been reverse engineered)
>  - a compact camera (better lens and all)
>    (nothing open in here; glad I can take the SD card out)
>  - an iShuffle (6 years old, very lightweight)
>    (this was a gift, and appreciated, but it took some gnupodding to get mp3 songs on it)
>  - a phone, the simplest of simple phones (battery life a solid second place (2 weeks) after the e-reader; dirt cheap)
>    (nothing open about it)
> and then I brought the chargers... (did I mention I hiked, and had to carry all of this?)
> There simply is no device available that can combine *all* functionality.


> Can my OpenPhoenux do that, 5 years from now?
> Some flexible screen? foldable? multi-part screen? ultra-scratch-resistant, too!
> with proper window managers, this would be workable if the screens would align really well, when unfolded.
> There are interesting external keyboards available already (projected; flexible; foldable), there is no need to make it an integral part of the device. But if we are talking flexible screens...
> So if I could bring a piece of waterproof hardware that can switch virtually everything off, so that battery life would be on the order of weeks;
> with a screen that can show me smaller or bigger maps from GPS input,
> and a screen of which I can read a book,
> and an on-chip DSP (nothing new) that can play back .ogg files, perhaps directly from some flash memory (while RAM and such are all off; what else can work with flash directly, the GPS map? the book? only RAM activel that is actually needed? Another memory technology?)
> and the camera, phone, etc, etc
> all being open hardware, firmware, etc and carrying open software.
> Bye,
> Kero.
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