[Community] Next generation OpenPhoenux devices

Kero openphoenux at chmeee.dyndns.org
Sat Mar 16 19:31:39 CET 2013

> Rather we will start to dream a common dream...
> Dream about where the Phoenux is flying to, after it finally did take off. Let's think about
> where it could be in 5 years or in 10 years.
> If you have any dreams where our open source hardware should go to, please share.

In Jan+Feb I was on vacation to New Zealand. I brought:
 - an Asus Eee PC (largish screen, keyboard)
   (running linux, but video driver is a mess)
 - an e-reader (the only device with decent battery lifetime, i.e. needed no charging during vacation)
   (running linux, but no root or easy upgrade; SDK readily available)
 - a GPS (waterproof, which is necessary when you do serious hiking)
   (with Open Street Map on it, since the map-format on the GPS has been reverse engineered)
 - a compact camera (better lens and all)
   (nothing open in here; glad I can take the SD card out)
 - an iShuffle (6 years old, very lightweight)
   (this was a gift, and appreciated, but it took some gnupodding to get mp3 songs on it)
 - a phone, the simplest of simple phones (battery life a solid second place (2 weeks) after the e-reader; dirt cheap)
   (nothing open about it)

and then I brought the chargers... (did I mention I hiked, and had to carry all of this?)

There simply is no device available that can combine *all* functionality.
Can my OpenPhoenux do that, 5 years from now?
Some flexible screen? foldable? multi-part screen? ultra-scratch-resistant, too!
with proper window managers, this would be workable if the screens would align really well, when unfolded.

There are interesting external keyboards available already (projected; flexible; foldable), there is no need to make it an integral part of the device. But if we are talking flexible screens...

So if I could bring a piece of waterproof hardware that can switch virtually everything off, so that battery life would be on the order of weeks;
with a screen that can show me smaller or bigger maps from GPS input,
and a screen of which I can read a book,
and an on-chip DSP (nothing new) that can play back .ogg files, perhaps directly from some flash memory (while RAM and such are all off; what else can work with flash directly, the GPS map? the book? only RAM activel that is actually needed? Another memory technology?)
and the camera, phone, etc, etc
all being open hardware, firmware, etc and carrying open software.


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