[Community] Growing the Community

Sven openmoko at maricon.de
Sun Jun 23 23:35:03 CEST 2013

Hello Nikolaus,

 > The main driver for this idea was that the Openmoko community 
urgently asked (after
 > the Bass/Buzz/#1024-fixes were successful) for a speed fix for CPU, 
Glamo and wireless
 > data rate. So the GTA04.org project was born as a pure motherboard 

could you explain some background of what is meant with 
"Bass/Buzz/#1024-fixes", with "speed fix for CPU" and what's the 
relationship between both, please? Some of the members of this list 
never had an GTA02, like me...

Based on that I'm especially interested in to know: If a GTA02-user 
would get the idea to buy an additional GTA04 and to connect both 
together over USB and to modify their software so that the GTA04 uses 
the 100% free and open modem of the GTA02 instead of its own, would this 
be a significant improvement for him, compared to the possibility of 
just continuing to use the GTA02 as is?

I'm asking because you know I'm convinced that the essential show 
stopper of the success of our GTA04 project is its closed source modem. 
So if we aren't able to get a free and open 3G or 4G modem due to the 
horrible amounts of money this would cost, why not try to arrange 
something with the free and open 2G modem we have? There're approx. 15k 
of them out there in the wild.

Perhaps this would help to come at least a small step closer to get a 
community of developers of a free and open 3G or 4G modem.

Best regards

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