[Community] Offering a complete GTA04

Kai Hamich gta04 at graedtke.de
Tue Jun 18 14:58:41 CEST 2013


offering a  complete Openmoko GTA04 smartphone.

The package includes charger and accessories, for 550 Euros.

The board is installed in an original black "neo freerunner"
case, together with display, antennas, gps, speaker, mic, etc. (a
complete smartphone).

Package contents:
* original black Openmoko "neo" case with GTA04 board installed
* FIC standard battery pack (1200mA Li-ion)
* Openmoko power adapter 100-240V (three types of plugs)
* USB data/power cable
* original Openmoko retail box

The items have been used, but everything is in a very good condition.
You will get the original receipt for warranty reasons.

Kind Regards,
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