[Community] Growing the Community

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Sat Jun 15 12:47:00 CEST 2013

Bob Ham <rah at settrans.net> writes:

> We don't need to produce a phone with unique technological features.  A
> working, free phone will be enough to be successful.


> Here is the acid test I think any phone needs to pass in order to be
> successful: you must be able to take the phone out of the box, stick a
> SIM card in, charge the phone, start using it fully, stick it in your
> pocket, and never, for the entirety of the life of the hardware, update
> any software on it to a newer version.
> When we have a phone OS that's solid enough to be used for 10+ years
> without an update, we'll be in a position to produce a free phone that
> will be a success.

Hi Bob,

This analysis sounds persuasive to me.  I guess the next questions,
then, are (1) which of our possible OSs is closest to that point, and
(2) for that OS, what are the biggest things still needed to reach that
point of solidity.  Since you seem to have a clear view here, I'd
appreciate hearing your assessment.

The situation also, possibly, interleaves with something else that is
obvious but so far unsaid in this discussion: for most of this community
GTA04 work is a hobby and spare time activity, whereas for Nikolaus it's
a matter of business and earning a living.  If Nikolaus has other
business ideas he could pursue, perhaps the rational thing would be for
him to let GTA04 sit for a while, during which time the free software
mobile stacks will hopefully continue improving.  On the other hand,
maybe the free software mobile stacks won't continue improving so much
if there isn't the impetus of an associated hardware development.


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