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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Fri Jun 14 14:37:38 CEST 2013

Am 14.06.2013 um 12:29 schrieb joerg Reisenweber:

> On Fri 14 June 2013 09:32:40 Radek Polak wrote:
>> On Friday, June 14, 2013 09:19:37 AM Radek Polak wrote:
>>> It appears now that we dont have demand/money for building new GTA04 but
>>> maybe that does not matter for now... Doing new designs and products on
>>> top of GTA04 board might be now more interesting and could bring interest
>>> to the openphoenux project.
>> Maybe we could ask e.g. comunity around blender to design some unusual and
>> nice case for GTA04 board?
>> Regards
>> Radek
> regarding case I never understood the idea behind using the gta02 case. Just 
> for an arbitrarily picked example, since I know about it a bit: N900 cases and 
> touchpanels/digitizers and LCD are readily available and they are cheaper and 
> imho higher quality than the gta02 ones. 

The main driver for this idea was that the Openmoko community urgently asked (after
the Bass/Buzz/#1024-fixes were successful) for a speed fix for CPU, Glamo and wireless
data rate.

So the GTA04.org project was born as a pure motherboard upgrade. Not as a new
complete device. And we though tthat approx. 15000 GTA02 cases and components
are in the wild waiting for an upgrade.

And the GTA02 was better known to the team than any other device. The N900 was quite
new then and too expensive to disassemble. Later on we thought that Nokia will bring
a N910, N920, N930 etc. and that it would not be wise to copy a big brand (design
patents and copyrights). Well, that all was before Nokia decided to dump the
N9xx. At the time they did, the GTA04 design was already done successfully.

> While building your own case _still_ is a major PITA, like it been back in 
> Openmoko Inc times. I even back then company-internally seriously suggested to 
> find an existing case rather than going through the hassle and expense to get 
> extremely expensive molds manufactured for producing Openmoko genuine case. 
> One of the main arguments against it been that our LCD needs to fit into the 
> case. Now that we rather would like to use an available and cheap LCD rather 

As long as the original LCD defined by the case is easily available and well enough
documented this could work.

> than the last few dozen of existing spare parts for gta02, the argument counts 
> in favour of ME from big companies. There's a rather huge community around 

The main argument was that for the GTA02 case almost everything was documented
(open source enables reuse!) while for other arbitrarily picked devices nothing is openly

> Nokia N900 that is eagerly awaiting any successor with most of the properties 
> exactly like the N900, regarding hw-kbd, resistive touchscreen etc. Just 
> pretty please with faster CPU (still OMAP!), more RAM, and more sturdy USB 
> port. I'd think THAT would be a good project to place a new board into an 
> available old case and screen.

Since I read between your words that nobody from the N900 community has
done it yet, I am not sure if we can do it better in reasonable time and missing
big budget. I would be happy if anyone proves me wrong by working on it and
showing tangible results. I think this community will then try to help as good as


PS: if someone wants donate me a N900 I can take a look inside.

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