[Community] Growing the Community

Lukas Märdian luk at slyon.de
Thu Jun 13 18:41:49 CEST 2013

Ah, I see.

I've converted the text/font to paths in the SVG and created a PNG
version as well. Both are attached.

And I've already put the "Member of the OpenPhoenux Community"-Button on
my blog:


Am 13.06.2013 18:16, schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:
> Am 13.06.2013 um 18:04 schrieb Lukas Märdian:
>> Hi,
>> this sounds like a nice idea!
>> But the Logo (openphoenux.jpg) seems to be using a wrong font.
> Hm. Not really a wrong font.
> The SVG appears to use a font called "Sans" (which is not the same as "sans-serif") that is not installed in my machine:
>          style="font-size:48px;font-style:normal;font-weight:normal;line-height:125%;letter-spacing:0px;word-spacing:0px;fill:#8b8b8b;fill-opacity:1;stroke:none;font-family:Sans"
> So I never noticed that the designer did intend something else.
>> The original SVG contained a sans-serif font, which gives a more
>> symmetric appearance.
> So it is more a bug that the text is not a vector graphics itself....
>> I exported the SVG to a jpg, which contains the original font, maybe you
>> could exchange the files? The jpg file is attached and has the same
>> resolution.
> Yes, looks better. Thanks! I will update everything.
>> BR,
>>  Lukas
>> Am 13.06.2013 16:48, schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:
>>> to help to grow the community I have made some extended
>>> excerpt from the LinuxTag presentation which describes the
>>> reasons why the world needs this community, what it is and
>>> what its values are to give reasons why interested persons should
>>> be a member. You can find it here (or linked on the top left
>>> of http://www.openphoenux.org)
>>> <http://projects.goldelico.com/p/openphoenux/downloads/get/OpenPhoenux.pdf> [1]
>>> It is not enough that we have the document somewhere... It must
>>> be actively used by those who never did hear about OpenPhoenux.
>>> So please use this material when talking to people about our activities.
>>> I think you could also do that by subscribing to relevant mailing lists
>>> and fora and inserting it into discussions whenever it appears to be
>>> appropriate. Sort of viral spreading of the word :)
>>> Another means of attracting new community members can be
>>> by using the Logo and linking to the openphoenux.org home
>>> page. You can easily do that by inserting the following (or similar)
>>> HTML into your personal home page, blogs or other publications
>>> where you find it appropriate.
>>> <table><tr><td align="center">
>>> <a href="http://www.openphoenux.org">
>>> Member of<br>
>>> <img style="width: 100px"
>>> src="http://www.openphoenux.org/images/openphoenux.jpg"><br>
>>> Community
>>> </a></td></tr></table>
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