[Community] Status GTA04A5

Georg Sassen lists at sassen.de
Mon Aug 26 16:12:25 CEST 2013


first of all, I'm new to this community, I have a Neo1973 somewhere in
my attic, some other Linux phones (N900, N9, Palm Pre, Pre3, the former
two still in daily use) and recently found about this mailing list when
looking for the status of the openmoko project. (and I also have a
Letux 400 minibook, more or less in the same attic as the Neo, so I
remember goldelico ;))

Some thoughts on the GTA04 and possible: 

I don't think this is already applicable to miniaturized mobile phone
hardware like the GTA04, but recently some services have been evolving
that help you create custom ARM boards and have them built for a
relatively low price. I know the GTA04 board is more or less ready and
"just" has to be built, but maybe one should keep an eye on things like

First, there is gumstix that now offers custom crowdfunded designs via
their Gepetto tool, you "just" drop some modules on a board on a webpage
and have them build it:


And then - from embedded projects in Augsburg, Germany - there is the
GNUBLIN Designer, an online configurator for their embedded boards.
Even less applicable to mobile phones, but an approach like this
- making the board configurable to a certain extent - would lead to
  more volume and thus a cheaper price?


Maybe if the trend continues and we will all be using 9" phones in a
year, one could even build a GTA04 clone with the gumstix method,
they even offer a DM3730 stick ;-)


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