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> > We have schematics in a .pdf file but nothing else.    
> Yes. And the PDF is the source. You can run OCR and convert it into
> any format you like. And modify it as you like. What else do you
> expect? More convenience?
> The Schematics and the component placement chart of the GTA02 - both
> as a printable PDF - were sufficient to design the GTA04 board... So
> it is not lack of information if nobody is picking up the GTA04
> design...

One of our hardware licenses prohibit such hurdles. Please refer

< http://freedomdefined.org/OSHW
* documentation must include design files in the preferred format for
  making changes, for example the native file format of a CAD program
* obfuscated design files are not allowed
* design files are provided in fully-documented, open format(s) (no
  intermediate forms analogous to compiled computer code)

You may answer OSI is to strict and not your favourite what will bring
up the beloved license debate.


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