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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Aug 12 13:12:47 CEST 2013

Am 12.08.2013 um 13:00 schrieb Sven Dyroff:

> > Mainly I want to express that *we* support those who don't listen to us. We have elected some 
> > of them. Or support their parties. Generally I don't think at all that our existing system needs to 
> > be changed. We (the people) should just use the existing system more wisely and support 
> > politicians that listen to us. The solution sounds simple: going to the next elections instead of 
> > ignoring them... And carefully looking at what the politicians and parties are trying to achieve. 
> > And trying to estimate if they will do what they say or if they just want to collect votes and do 
> > something else afterwards for whatever reasons. 
> Unfortunately the existing *system* is that before elections parties promise very much wonderful things and after the elections they continue to do what they ever did. 

They can only do so because *we* let them do so. Because we elect them again after some years. They have no risk for this behaviour.

> From time to time new parties arise that promise to change that, like the German Greens in the 1980ies. But the *system* is that these new parties will either not get enough votes in order to be of relevant influence or they will transmute into one more party that promises very much wonderful things before election and does the contrary after election. Like the German Greens in the 2000ies. 
> Reason why still new parties arise that promise to change that system is, that they haven't understood this *system*. Like the German Pirates, currently. 

Well, *we* are the system. Or at least part of it.

As soon as we think there is a system and we are not part but stand in front of it, we make us small and reduce the influence we have... And remove our ability to change anything.

A big problem is of course if a majority within this system is closing their eyes for problems of a minority. The minority never gets enough attention or votes for a topic that is important for them but not for the majority. This is better solved in a system with many parties. In that case it needs coalitions and minority parties can participate with the driver seat. So even small parties need to get a chance.

But again, how does this help the OpenPhoenux community and our goals?

-- hns

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