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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Aug 12 12:42:15 CEST 2013

Am 12.08.2013 um 12:17 schrieb Sven Dyroff:

> Hello Nikolaus, 
> >>>> This is my view on democracy: if you don't like a rule, either 
> >>>> accept it (and use it cleverly to your benefit) or fight at the right 
> >>>> place (politics, parliaments etc.) to get them changed. But don't 
> >>>> simply break and ignore them. 
> >>> 
> >>> This is my view on human social progress: If people wouldn't have ignored 
> >>> and broken rules in the past, then even in Germany children would still 
> >>> work in mines, "procuration" and homosexuality would still be a crime, 
> >>> chimneys and sewers of factories would still unscrupulously pollute our 
> >>> environment, etc. etc. etc. 
> >> 
> >> Please remember: How many chimneys had to be climbed and how many sewers had 
> >> to be closed illegally by Greenpace in order to finally get them widely clean? 
> > 
> > In a real democracy you would not need to do that, because politics would listen 
> > to the people... 
> > 
> > Just 2cts more... 
> You're quite right to phrase your statement in conjunctive. But if you've already taken the step to realize that our existing system isn't a (real) democracy, what conclusions do you draw regarding the possibilities of changing that? 

Mainly I want to express that *we* support those who don't listen to us. We have elected some of them. Or support their parties.
Generally I don't think at all that our existing system needs to be changed. We (the people) should just use the existing system more wisely and support politicians that listen to us.

The solution sounds simple: going to the next elections instead of ignoring them... And carefully looking at what the politicians and parties are trying to achieve. And trying to estimate if they will do what they say or if they just want to collect votes and do something else afterwards for whatever reasons.

> Please remember history lessons at school: In Germany there will never be a revolution because before the Reichstag (German parliament) there's a sign: "Rasen betreten verboten!" (it's forbidden to step on the lawn). 

I don't see any sign that we need a revolution. We already have many parties to chose from and can elect or reject them for the driver seat.

And as long as there is no sign at the parliament "founding new parties is forbidden", we can just use the means (elections and political participation) we have. If such a sign would exist, that would be my personal "red line" where I would see a revolution necessary to remove those who have put up such a sign. But not before.

IMHO it has become "popular" to ask for "revolution" if anything isn't going the way the individual would like to have it. But "evolution" could be equally successful with less pain. It just takes more time.

But I think we are loosing the focus on what we, the OpenPhoenux community can do in our small area of competencies. It is nice to dream about a better world, but dreaming alone isn't enough.

-- hns
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