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Boudewijn wankelwankel at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 22:43:47 CEST 2012

On Monday 22 October 2012 12:33:33 Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> FYI.
> To me it appears that they have less rooms to dispose than in the previous
> years. I know one other project that did have a devroom in the past 10
> years didn't get one like us. With almost the same wording. And there were
> discussions about not using the AW building any more.
Maybe everything from AW moves to the newer building? It would be more 
practical in general, and warmer, but AW got many smaller rooms. :-(

> So what are your ideas about going to FOSDEM? Plans for presentations to
> submit to other devrooms? Some informal meeting? Should we have a Stand?
Could we transform a stand to a devstand? The tables are a bit unstable and 
usually close to the wall, due to space constraints in AW. I think I can take 
a projector with me. I don't have a sreen though. If we have a large enought 
table, and enough chairs, we might do something more organized than trying to 
hear what peoplo on the other side of the table are saying. 

Besides a projector I can take an (older) LCD's with me (1280x1024 I hope, 
17"). Can the TV-out on GTA04 be hacked into supplying some signal that's 
suitable for VGA? There are passive adapters available, and active adapters in 
the "wrong" direction (I did see adapters to connect the VGA-out to s-
video/YUV input, but not the other way around). 

Is there some hackable project we could run with the left-over Freerunner 
mainboards? I still want to turn mine into a webserver (later, "when I'm grown 
up"), but with a couple of them we could maybe do some hide-and-seek with mesh 
networking (either WIFI or BT, to let Neo1979 play as well) and trying to 
detect them with our GTA04s. 

It all needs preparation of course, but if we first flood the list with ideas, 
we can pick some feasible plans out of them. The least we can do, is have last 
year's presentation running in a loop on one screen and (all?) our videos on 
another. Especially: on a big screen, since our devices are so miniature...

One more: if "we" (sorry, I'd feel much better saying "I", but ..:-( ) get the 
FM radio running before then, we can broadcast sound for the presentation to 
mobile speakers. 

On a side note (and no plug intended): I'm involved in Limesco, the dutch 
telco start-up that is "open organisation"/hacker friendly. I'm not sure 
whether Limesco will be at FOSDEM, but I imagine it to be somewhat connected 
to our project. To my knowledge, there is no equivalent to it in another 
country. The options are still limited, due to small scale (sounds familiar). 
One "special feature" that is available now, is to route voice calls through 
your own server, instead of that of the telco. Does something like that offer 
possibilities for something interesting during FOSDEM? 

Are there some easily made GTA04 hardware extensions we could offer people to 
solder in 20-40 minutes under guidance? 

There must be some visitors from previous years on the list as well. How was 
our stand perceived last year? 

Best regards,

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