[Community] torch light and ambient light sensor installation

Thomas Munker t.munker at gmx.net
Mon Oct 22 14:43:42 CEST 2012

Hello again,
i forgot to ask: is the TPS61050 installed at all in the currently
produced OpenPhoenux-boards? I haven't found any absolut information
about it, the manual declares it as optional and i wouldn't count it to
"all sensores are installed"

kind regards,
Thomas Munker

Am 22.10.2012 13:09, schrieb Thomas Munker:
> Hi,
> when i get my Openphoenux i want to install an ambient light sensor and
> torch light, too.
> For the ambient light sensor i would choose the Panasonic AMS104YE10 as
> one of the manual suggestions (i can get it from [0]).
> But for the flash/torch light i didn't find any suggestion, and the
> datasheet of the TPS61050 tells me only the needed technical parameters,
> which seem to depend on other on board components (capacitators).
> Has somebody already experience how, and where to best fit them in, what
> exactly to buy, and where (in germany)?
> kind regards,
> Thomas Munker
> [1]: www.conrad.de
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