[Community] torch light and ambient light sensor installation

Thomas Munker t.munker at gmx.net
Mon Oct 22 13:09:07 CEST 2012

when i get my Openphoenux i want to install an ambient light sensor and
torch light, too.
For the ambient light sensor i would choose the Panasonic AMS104YE10 as
one of the manual suggestions (i can get it from [0]).
But for the flash/torch light i didn't find any suggestion, and the
datasheet of the TPS61050 tells me only the needed technical parameters,
which seem to depend on other on board components (capacitators).
Has somebody already experience how, and where to best fit them in, what
exactly to buy, and where (in germany)?

kind regards,
Thomas Munker

[1]: www.conrad.de

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