[Community] OpenPhoenux Prototype of GTA04 based 7 inch tablet

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Tue Oct 9 15:04:18 CEST 2012


Very nice Nikolaus!
Can't wait to see it at the OHSW in December!


On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 12:51 PM, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com
> wrote:

> OpenPhoenux 7004 Prototype
> ========================
> We have finally assembled a prototype of a 7 inch
> tablet system based on the GTA04 mother board
> using the custom connector option.
> Contrary to other approaches (was it called Mozart
> or Beethoven?) we are proud that we already
> have solved the kernel adaptation problem and
> nobody can unexpectedly change the motherboard
> while we are developing software :)
> The price we have to pay is of course a higher
> price of the devices... In this case the high price
> is also coming from the Sharp display module
> (LQ070Y3DG3B) which is more expensive
> than a no-name display from the scrap heap :)
> Again, we have used a 3D printing service to build
> the prototype case (thanks to Lukas 'slyon' for the
> 3D design).
> So enjoy the Video showing the prototype and
> spread the word about this latest project progress:
>         <http://youtu.be/MKUVtGp_AmY>
> (sorry for the Ads - this helps a tiny bit for financing
> the OpenPhoenux story).
> Another note: this device can be built as a really
> fully featured tablet with UMTS, WLAN, GPS, position
> sensors, FM radio, etc. almost everything available in the
> GTA04 when it is stuffed into a Freerunner case. It just
> differs in the *big* display and a bigger battery and
> availability of speakers.
> Software is also compatible, although writing a GUI that
> works on any dimension, orientation and resolution of the
> screen is quite a challenge. But it should be easy to adapt
> QtMoko, SHR, Replicant etc.
> The plan for the next step is to redesign the PCB and
> the case to fix some minor and major bugs in the
> electronics and mechanics.
> Nikolaus
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