[Community] Statistics on the current wishes

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Oct 8 17:26:58 CEST 2012

You may be interested how the picture on
the Wishlist looks like:

Currently there are wishes for:

24	GTA04 motherboards	(avg. 509.71 EUR)
41	OpenPhoenux 2804 (avg. 546.05 EUR)
5	Case Kits (avg. 53.00 EUR)
14	GTA04 Keyboards (avg. 53.14 EUR) 

First of all this is far from being enough to
get things produced for the average price

If we target @100 units, the one-time
cost of PCB production, machine setup,
shipment for components (if it is 50 EUR
from USA to Germany at 5 distributors, this
sums up to 2.50 EUR pure component shipment
cost per device). For 1k it goes down to 0.25 EUR.

So we either have to make devices more
expensive or need much more demand...

Secondly, it is interesting that 53 EUR for the case kit
appears to be ok, while the price difference
between a naked motherboards and a complete
device is less than 40 EUR. This has to cover
more or less a Case Kit *plus* a Display Module.

Hm. Appears to be squaring the financial circle :)

Finally, I can read that there is more demand
for complete devices than upgrades. Unfortunately,
we can#t yet provide complete devices unless we
have an old one to upgrade...

So please continue to convince everyone to
subscribe to the Wishlist! The more wishes
we get, the better the picture becomes and
the easier it will be to plan the financial side
so that we do not end up in a financial situation
like OpenPandora is still in.

Some arguments if someone moans about the
high price:

1. we always have to remember that the freedom
and openness we are striving for has some price...

2. our intent is to make a long-living platform so
that you don't have to throw away your fully
functioning device after 2 years because there
is no more software support - and no bugs and
security issues are fixed. And no source code
and documentation is available to DIY. I.e.
the cheapest device may turn out to be expensive.


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