[Community] Is the gta04 openphoenux is open hardware?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Nov 13 19:34:09 CET 2012

it is hardware that tries to be as good documented as it can be made - to support free and open software.

Am 13.11.2012 um 18:45 schrieb Nadav Vinik:

> Hello
> I search for the scheme for the gta04 and I found it only in the guide which have none free license: cc-by-NC-sa.
> The original openmoko have open licence: GFDL.
> if gta04 is really based on the previews openmoko it should also be GFDL or at least any open license as it represent as it

The GTA04 schematics and the manual are completely independently authored original work.

And the NC clause does only mean that you are not allowed to print the document and charge money for the copies of the printed document. You *can* copy and distribute them (NC). And like with any textbook, you can use the contents of the documents and what you learn from them to make your own design.

So the NC clause is not an restriction for freedom, if you assume that.

-- hns

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