[Community] Group Tour is now running and coming to completion!

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Nov 13 17:19:55 CET 2012

We have now received many more boards yesterday and spent
and free minute to test them and finally flash the NAND image
and pack them.

The next participants on the preorder list have been notified
to confirm their address. And those who have ordered the
installation service as well to send their GTA01/02 to us for

Some words about testing. Unfortunately not all boards did
work perfectly right from the beginning, so they have been repaired.
Sometimes twice. So they may not look optimally as you are
used to from a mass production factory. And to ensure that there
are no hw-problems, we try to test the boards as good
as possible.

The first test is done through the Debian/LXDE hw-validation image
and it automatically tests if the chips and peripherals
can be addressed. For some of the the value range is checked to
be plausible, i.e  if the air pressure is not 300 mBar or the temperature
210 degrees...

By this test we have spotted the typical bugs which did need repair:
e.g. WiFi chip not responding, defective sensor or unfortunately
quite often a non-working CPU + PoP memory. Some units do
not see the UMTS module on their internal USB. And some did
work and boot Linux on the RS232 console but had no USB/OTG

If this test works, it reads out the IMEI of the module, the MAC addresses
of WLAN and Bluetooth and tries to find out if a 800 MHz or a 1 GHz
rated CPU has been installed. It also checks the memory capacity
seen by Linux. So we have a quite good overview of the status of the

If a board passes all these automatic tests, we insert a SIM card
and do a test call to a landline phone to check microphone
sensitivity and the earpiece connection.

If this is also ok, the Debian/LXDE image used for testing is
flashed to NAND (after removing some test logs and not
copying the apt cache to save some space).

Then, the board is packed into a small blue EDS protection
box and the serial number stickers are united with the board
and box.

With all this we have reached a quite good status. There are
only ~15 owners left on the backlog for whom we have to wait
to get the (repaired) boards to do this procedure.

So everybody who did order up to 2 weeks before the end
of the (extended) shubscription phase (did go until End of
March) should now have received a notice.


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