[Community] GTA04 sound

Griera griera at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 17:29:53 CET 2012


My OpenPhoenux GTA04 arrived! Thanks all for the work!!

I installed QTMoko v48 (thanks a lot, Radek) downloaded from:


Sometimes I have a serious problem with sound (I never had this problem with GTA02):

  - Incoming calls do not result in any audio tone but the call actually received.

  - When someone calls me and I pick up the phone, I do not hear the voice of the other.

  - If you launch the media player, I can not hear the sound of the song.

On the home screen there are two icons: 1.sh and 2.sh. What are they?

After installing v48 QTMoko the NAND home screen icon does not work.

Thanks!! Griera.

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